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WordPress Training Courses

We provide one to one WordPress training courses. This means you can grow your skills and master WordPress. Private training is available at any level. As a result, your skills grow quickly. Furthermore, lessons focus on your site. Quickly learn the basics- or power through advanced skills. And you can combine skills from different levels. Together with development skills, our WordPress training courses teach SEO optimisation.

WordPress Training Courses for Beginners

Our WordPress essentials course for beginners is popular. In addition to the basics of editing pages, we teach how to set up a website from scratch. This means that on the day, you will have a basic functional website. Additionally you will be able to add images, text and edit menus. Also, the essentials of WordPress SEO will guide you in developing great content. And well-crafted content is visible within search results. This in turn, helps drive the right traffic to your website. As with all things, understanding the fundamentals pays off.

Intermediate Level Training

Explore the exciting world of custom styles. Modify the appearance of pages, text, headings and images. Additionally, this course covers theme overrides. Also we’ll look at sitemaps and search verticals. Learn about menus. This in turn will give you the skills to add custom menus to certain pages. For example, you could have a top-level content category page. Within that page, there could be a menu to related pages, called by a widget. This helps you build a better user experience for visitors.

Advanced WordPress Skills Course

This is for people who want to learn WordPress programming. For example, custom functions, theme development and plugin tweaks. As a WordPress developer, you are always learning something new. This means you will face frequent challenges. Thus, education will give you the skills. In turn, practice will make you better. WordPress training courses are held each week.


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