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WordPress SEO Optimisation Service

Looking for a professional WordPress SEO optimisation service? If so, you’re in the right place. Get search engine optimisation for any WordPress website. This includes Woocommerce shops and Blogs. Comprehensive SEO spans multiple areas. This means all the elements of your website will be optimised. Meta tags and on-page copy are critical page-level elements. For this reason, will optimise them so that they reflect your real keywords. Also included is asset optimising. Since assets play such a huge role in content relevance, it pays to tag them properly. In turn, your pages will send a clear message to search engines about the real meaning of the content. As a result the right visitors will visit. Furthermore, they become more engaged. This means your time, effort and resources give maximum return. Subsequently your conversions will grow. Together with our , we’ll turn your tired site into a customer magnet.

wordpress seo optimisation service

How Our WordPress SEO Optimisation Service Works

Our WordPress SEO services work like this:

Firstly, we ensure your website is technically sound. To achieve this we audit and fix all programming errors to give you the best configuration of for WordPress.

Secondly we determine the real keywords to chase. In particular- we target search terms which carry buyer intent. Keyword research either makes- or breaks- an SEO campaign. It needs to be right!

thorough keyword research is important for seo optimisation

Thirdly, all website assets are made more relevant. By this we mean that a central subject theme prevails. If necessary, we collaborate with this . Optimised copy plays a critical role in WordPress SEO.

Fourthly, we do off-page SEO. This includes link acquisition.

In addition, we make sure the user experience rocks.

Lastly, we review the strategy. This is so that we can make changes where needed.

These points apply equally to Woocommerce SEO services. Additionally, we optimise all product categories. Rich snippet micro data will be used where possible. This is so that product snippets feature in search results.

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